Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.92 beta - Janus

Team Mantra is proud to announce the release of OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.92 beta code named "Janus".

OWASP Mantra Janus
OWASP Mantra Janus running on Windows

Janus is built on Firefox 18 and is available for Windows, Linux 32 bit, Linux 64 bit and Macintosh operating systems. We also introduce a new installer for all platforms and all these packages support 9 languages - Arabic, English  Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Traditional, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

Get your Mantra from our download page.

New Features:

Firefox 18
        Janus is built on Firefox 18 bringing in more improvements and stability.

DownThemAll extension
A completely functional and easy to use download manager right in the package.

A brand new installer
               We have introduced a new installer for OWASP Mantra. During that installation process you can choose your preferred language for the final product.

Known issues:

Error messages:
        During start-up of Mantra in Linux, authentication errors are displayed in the shell, however, the application runs smooth without any issues.

Janus and Firefox not running together :
        A temporary fix is available and can be seen here.

No upgrading option:
        We strongly recommend you to use a fresh build of Mantra Janus and not to upgrade Firefox from previous versions. Many of the extensions available today are not compatible with latest versions of Firefox. Apart from that, using them as it is will result in a very cluttered menus since they make their entries into toolbar, context menus and status bar. We have applied some minor changes to those extensions to fix these issues. Upgrading those extensions automatically might break some functionality. So we strongly recommend you to keep automatic updates turned off.

Error message on Macintosh:
Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish will show an error message upon running. A possible fix is to move Mantra from normal Applications folder to any of the user folders ( Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Music or Users>Applications folders will do).


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