Thursday, May 10, 2012

OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.91 Beta Lexicon

Release Notes - OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.91 Beta Lexicon


OWASP Mantra Security Toolkit 0.91 beta, code named Lexicon is based on Firefox 12 and works out of the box on Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms.
  • New Features
  • Known Issues
  • Download Links
New Features

Firefox 12
        Lexicon uses Firefox 12 as the base, and brings in many improvements.

NoRedirect Extension
        It will help you to take control of the HTTP redirects. This is one of the amazing extensions of Firefox we have ever seen.

        Encryption, decryption and hashing functions right in your browser.

        A black box DOM-based XSS Scanner

Neat and light right click context menu
        The main right click context menu is more clean and organized.

 Known issues

Error messages
        During start-up of Lexicon in Linux, authentication errors are displayed in the shell, however, the application runs smooth without any issues. Link  

Lexicon and Firefox not running together
        A temporary fix is available and can be seen here

Translation is far away from perfect
        We are trying our best to make it perfect, and you can help us by contributing.

No upgrading option
        We strongly recommend you to use a fresh build of Mantra Lexicon and not to upgrade Firefox base from previous versions. Many of the extensions available today are not compatible with latest versions of Firefox. Apart from that, using them as it is will result in a very cluttered menus since they make their entries into toolbar, context menus and status bar. We have applied some minor changes to those extensions to fix these issues. Upgrading those extensions automatically might break some functionality so we strongly recommend you to keep automatic updates turned off.


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